Offices are rarely used efficiently

The average utilization of offices amounts to only 50%.
You have unnecessary costs due to inefficient utilization.

Use desk sharing with Sedeo to increase the utilization of your office and save costs.

Convince yourself

* 19,20€ are the average costs in german cities
Without desk sharing With desk sharing
Employee per workspace 1 1,4
Required space / /
Costs per year / /
Savings per year /

Smart workspace management

Workspaces are often not used due to flexible working hours, business trips, holidays, illness etc. Desk sharing is the solution to adapt to these circumstances. Employees can choose their ideal workplace from a pool of workplaces, so that you have more employees than workplaces in order to utilize your office in a more efficient manner.

Available on mobile and desktop

Maximize your benefits of desk sharing with Sedeo

  • Visualization

    Sedeo provides a graphical overview of your office and workspaces, enabling you to easily access workplaces and meeting rooms. Available workplaces and meeting rooms are highlighted to facilitate your user experience.

  • Easy booking

    Your employees can book a workplace or a meeting room on their own in just a few steps. Afterwards, bookings can be managed with ease.

  • Analytics

    Our analytics and automatically generated reports provide important information about the utilization of your office so that you can continuously improve it.

  • Management

    Sedeo has easy-to-use tools to edit the graphical depiction of your offices. Workplaces and meeting rooms can be created, edited and deleted using drag and drop.

  • Role allocation

    Access to Sedeo's features is managed by a convenient role allocation, which consists of regular users and administrators. Thereby, you will always keep control which features your employees can use.

Your benefits with Sedeo


Increase productivity

Employees can choose the ideal workplace, which is most suitable for fulfilling their tasks.


Decrease office costs

Your office is not efficiently utilized without desk sharing, leading to unused workspaces and equipment. Sedeo enables you to implement desk sharing in an efficient and easy manner to save costs.


Improve communication

Employees can organize themselves in teams to eliminate communication barriers and strenghten solidarity within your company.

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